As I have mentioned before preserving our planet should be on the top of everyone's agenda! With most of my furniture coming from auction imagine my delight in discovering the 'Re-Use Shop' at Taunton re-cycling centre, this facility embraces the ethos of sustainability.

The shop is very popular with more and more people realising that they don't just have one option with their discarded items, many destined for landfill can now be recycled, transforming waste into quality commodities and renewable energy.

Discarded items are collected by the staff and sorted for recycling, some of these items are too good to break down and are brought to the re-use shop, it is an Aladdin's cave and you will never fail to be amazed by the items on show, the prices are competitive so there is always a bargain! Through being a regular customer I have built great friendships in particular with Steve who works so hard in keeping the shop ticking over. Steve (who is in his 70's with various health problems!!) should be commended for his efforts even in the coldest temperature he is there supervising the facility 6 days a week! When I say it gets cold.....I really mean it gets cold!!! Fortunately their is an office to dive into when I have all but lost sensation in my feet! Steve knows the business so well and makes sure the turn over is rapid, many items being sold as soon as they are being found a place to be displayed. The joy is always finding that most unusual item ! Where did it come from? Whats its story?

I have collected many unusual pieces this way and can offer some quite unique items I may never have had the opportunity to work on through visiting regularly and having a good look around. The material and soft furnishings are also worth a look....people really do throw away everything and anything! As with my auction pieces and to a certain extent my commission pieces the true reward for what I do comes from breathing new life and purpose back into discarded or unwanted pieces. Transformations you can see through out my website. The fact that this is a current topic on everyones lips these days makes it all the more rewarding.

Viridor, who run 320 of these facilities in the UK, have sustainability as the core essence of what they do. So please consider using these facilities when you are having that next clear out....every single one of us have a responsibility on helping to preserve our beautiful planet.



Amanda Jane Newman