The Launch Party

With so much hard work and time spent compiling my portfolio of work from the last 2 years of my new business the time is  here to launch my new website and show case all that is Amanda Jane Newman! An exciting start to the year and so fitting to start in such an important way in marking the business and its expansion into the main stream market of home styling.

I hope my website achieves an ease of usability but also captures the very essence of what I am all about, offering the opportunity to enhance your homes or purchase bespoke furniture pieces. With regular blogs and newsletters to keep the business up to date and available to all.

My plans are not only to continue with my furniture transformations but to expand the home staging side of the business reflecting  my natural eye for colour and design making your home the talk of the town! I really do believe it to be affordable to all pockets and hope people are encouraged through the website to re-design their home environment into an extension of their own personality.

So there has to be a party!! Naturally! I invited a small group of people to achieve a mix of clients and local business people to come and toast the new website and find out what I am really all about. I have ensured local friends are there who have been a huge support from the very beginning when I gave up my managerial job and went solo, without the support that these friends provided in the early days I wouldn't be where I am today! We all have our self doubt and insecurities but when people that really know you encourage and admire your results it really does give you that crucial boost in those early stages. So along with loyal friends I have local estate agents of whom I have built a great rapour with and a few local businesses that also have a varied background and skill base. I hope to encourage networking sessions into my business to expand not only my own professional development but for them to be able to offer further advice and guidance to their own clients. I am truly blessed to be able to move forward into the launch of my new business via the website and hope the hard work and attention to detail (as ever) will shine through.

I strongly believe when you truly love what you do it's it's impossible to fail!

Amanda x