Furniture Repainting

Amanda excels in furniture updating and repainting, her feedback is 100% positive from her customers and her Facebook page is full of her beautiful creations.  Amanda’s experience and skill has ensured that each and every item is given an expert make over.  Colour schemes can ensure furniture will fit into the home flawlessly and can be based on a clients personal taste however Amanda is very skilled in making her furniture classically chic and hugely sought after by her followers.


Small Pieces 

Such as side tables and coffee tables from as little as £30 - £45



Medium Pieces 

Such as a pair of bedside cabinets small/medium chest of drawers from £45-£65 


Large Pieces 

Such as a large chest of drawers, dressing tables, sideboards and table and chairs £70 - £280 (upper end price for table with 6 chairs)

*Other accessories such as mirrors, bathroom cabinets, table and floor lamps can also be painted to match and would fall under small piece category. Multiple items would be discounted from stated price.

Typically turn around for commissioned items would be 2-3 days depending on existing work load. Clients would be required to drop the item to Amanda (TA100EZ) and pay upon collection. Large items such as wardrobes may need to painted in situ. All paint is included in the pricing. 

In an age when our planet is under such stress from land fill we can do our bit by re using pre-loved second hand or our own used furniture, buying second hand from auctions and online sites ensure that we are reducing potential increase in waste. The items sourced by Amanda from auctions are often unique and always solid wood in good condition.