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Furniture Q & A's

Can you paint anything?

Pretty much everything yes! Best long term results are achieved from using items that are made of wood however I have painted many veneered and mdf products and the finish is just as good. The only down side to non-wood products is that I am unable to sand them therefore long term durability is less effective.  For safety reasons do not paint anything electrical.

Can I pick any colour?

Yes, just let me know the colour you would like and I would try my best to match it.

What type of paint do you use?

I use a good quality acrylic paint, generally with an eggshell finish. I do not use chalk paint (unless specifically asked by the client to do so).

Can I order something on that I have seen on the website?

Most items on the website have already been sold but you can request for a similar item to be completed. I do not have a shop 80% of my work is commission based, so just drop me a line with your requirements and I will be able to give you a quote together with a completion date. 

Do you upholster?

Yes, but only for smaller items.

Do you deliver?

Generally I do not deliver, unless very local.  All items are collected from my home address (TA100EZ). Many clients use 'A Man With A Van' there are many of them locally and their prices are very competitive (usually between £20 - £40). This would be the clients responsibility to arrange.

Can I get just one item re-painted?

Yes I do many individual pieces as well as multiple items.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Generally I work for up to 3 clients at a time so it is very unlikely you would need to wait longer than a week or two to book your item in.

How quick can I expect to get my item back?

Generally items are ready to be collected 2/3 days after drop off unless other arrangements have been made.

When do I need to pay?

All commissioned work would require a £20 deposit the remainder would be due upon collection.

Interior Styling and Staging  Q& A's

Does interior styling include decorating?

Yes, interior styling would include painting, wallpapering, furniture placement and de-cluttering. Optional extras would include soft furnishings, lighting and up-cycling existing furniture.

Could I hire you to decorate and re-design just one room?

Yes of course, we would be delighted to discuss your needs, give our advise and go on to decorate and redesign one or as many rooms as you would like us to.

Does staging a property really help to sell it?

Absolutely...and there are many reports online that show statistics to prove this, addressing 4 key area's;

  • You Will Make More Money
  • Your House Will Sell Faster
  • You Will Get a Good Return on Your Investment
  • Your Online Photos Will Stand Out

Why spend money on my house when I am moving?

Well the simple answer is that it will save you money in the end!!! As potentially you will not need to drop thousands of pounds on offers! To reach your properties full financial potential a property needs to be presented in the best possible way that will in turn attract the widest possible audience of buyers.